Gold and Silver Prices

GLD Stock: Gold and Silver Prices

Bix Weir speaks about his belief that all debts will be wiped out after the collapse. In this video they talk about gold and silver prices as well. They talk about the manipulation of gold and silver prices, essentially creating what we know as GLD stock. The manipulation of gold and silver began with the invention of computers. The inventors of the first computer programmers back in the 60s integrated computers into our financial markets. There have been manipulations of our markets for many decades including interest rates, prices and stocks.

They talk about gold and silver prices and what happened when gold and silver price charts collapsed. At the same time the Federal Reserve keeps printing money like there is no tomorrow. Why did they take down gold and silver? They are printing money and they are controlling the perception that the U.S. dollar is a sound currency. Larry Summers know that gold price is the key to keeping the fiat system going. They are manipulating gold and silver to stop the collapse from happening at this time. But that doesn’t mean that the price will remain down or if eventually gold and silver prices move much higher.

gld stock

What is the trigger that pushes gold and silver prices higher? The trigger is the implosion of the derivatives market. Right now they rig all the markets. Warren Buffet has spoken about the popping of the derivatives bubble. They were bailed out in 2008 but the second derivative bubble is coming soon.

The catalyst to the collapse is the derivatives and when they are ready to crash the system, they will pull the plug. Do they want to go back to the gold standard? The only way out is to collapse the system and go back to using gold and silver coins.

Since 1981 the debt has gone through the roof. We are the largest debtor system in the world. If we collapse the system and erase all debt, gold and silver will rise substantially. The collapsed system will include taking down the banks, all 401 K and dollars will be worth nothing. Once the banks collapses, all virtual assets will be gone.

Check out the video and feel free to check out your gld stock or bullion prices and value HERE.